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Top 10 Hebrew Words to Learn Before Studying Abroad In Israel

Coming to study abroad in a country where they speak a different language can be daunting. Don’t be nervous, when you come to Israel almost everyone understands English. However, challenging yourself and attempting to speak Hebrew is an amazing way to embrace Israeli culture and to feel a part of society! What better way to start immersing in the culture of Israel than learning some of the basic words

and phrases Israelis use daily.

Different Modes of Transportation in Hebrew

  1. Au-To-Boose (אוטובוס) is the Hebrew word for bus. Public transportation is awesome in Israel and the most preferred medium of travel. Buses are definitely a very convenient way to travel Israel, with bus lines running all the way from the northern hills of Israel, down to the southern valleys, Au-to-boose is a Hebrew word that will certainly come in handy.

  2. Mo'nit (מונית) means taxi. There are many ways to get around Israel, but until you have a chance to learn the bus systems and schedules a taxi is probably going to be the smart choice!

Common Phrases in Hebrew

3. Ayfo Ha Shirootim (איפה השירותים) means, where is the restroom? This may be one of the most important phrases to know before coming to Israel, for obvious reasons. Enough said :)

4. Kama Ze Oleh (כמה זה עולה) which means how much does this cost? This may be the second most important phrase to know in Israel. Calculating the difference between the Shekel and the dollar is hard enough, it is at least important to know how much something costs.

5. Mah Ha’shah (מה השעה) is the Hebrew phrase to ask, what time is it? It is always important to keep track of the time. Whether you are checking to see when the bus is coming or what time class is, this phrase will definitely be useful.

6. Ani Lo Mi’Da’bare Ivrit (אני לא מדבר עברית) means I do not speak Hebrew. Hebrew is not an easy language to learn, so until your Hebrew classes, don’t be embarrassed to say this with confidence!

7. Be’vakasha (בבקשה) is the Hebrew word for, please. This word can be useful wherever you are in Israel, whether you are shopping on the bus or just walking down the street, knowing how to say please is always important.

Popular Foods in Hebrew

8. Gli-dah (גדילה) is the Hebrew word for ice cream. There is an ice cream shop on most corners around Israel. This is for a good reason, the ice cream in Israel is amazing! For that reason, knowing how to say ice cream is a must.

9. Ice Cafeh (אייס קפה) means ice coffee, but not the iced coffee you may be used to. When you go to a coffee shop in Israel and order an ice cafeh you will be getting a delicious blended coffee. There is nothing quite like the refreshing ice cafeh in Israel.

Important Covid-19 Word in Hebrew

10. Ma’se’khah (מסיכה) means mask. This word has become part of our everyday lives, and for that reason, it is a word that we cannot forget to include on this list.

Learning a new language will always be challenging, but remember when speaking Hebrew confidence is key. We hope this list of our top 10 Hebrew words to know studying abroad in Israel prepares you to truly embrace the Israeli culture, and with a little practice,

you will be speaking like a native!

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