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Our Alumni Network

Our Alumni Network

The Thrive alumni network is robust with over 200 students now on over 30 campuses and in more than 25 communities. We don't think of Thrive as a program and rather a growing family.  We connect with our alumni monthly and they are a regular part of the program. Our staff help alumni find meaningful ways to follow-up on their
transformative semester in Israel and make sure they have what they
need to continue their learning and growth. 

THRIVE students develop a deep interest in the global Jewish community and Israel. Back on campus, they participate in bi-monthly webinars on topics such as politics in Israel, issues in Jewish law, or subjects affecting the Jewish world. Webinars are an opportunity to continue the conversation we started in Israel in an intimate, stimulating online forum.

Regional Gatherings

Regional gatherings happen about 3 times a year and bring alumni together for a weekend or evening to reconnect, learn, and share updates from their lives. This also a chance for alumni of different years to meet one another and become family while learning about new opportunities for leadership and development.

Blog and Newsletter

Each cohort creates their own monthly newsletter after graduation and maintains it as their forum for updates and connection. They include pictures and updates from their lives, news links from Israel and the US, Jewish thoughts, Q+A with Rabbi Isaacs, and an alumni highlight each month.

Active Mentors

Being a THRIVE alum is an active experience

Our staff are actively connected with every single student that has gone through THRIVE.
Our alumni feel a unique bond to their mentors from the program and with each other. They are passionate advocates for the program and help with recruitment.
We stay in touch with alumni for many years and continue to be called upon for advice or just to come visit and stay in our home, and even to marry them!
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