Director's Welcome


Dear friends, 


We started Thrive in 2014 because we noticed how much of an impact living in Israel for over four months had on students. We partnered with Hebrew U to build onto their study abroad program creating a close-knit cohort of students who wanted to go deeper exploring the Jewish homeland. 


Being part of “normal” life here, meeting the people, and exploring the land left students with a nuanced appreciation of Israel and a deeper understanding of themselves as young Jewish leaders. Since then, we have added a partnership with Tel Aviv University and continue to grow our alumni family. 


Nothing makes me more proud than seeing the accomplishments - personal, professional, and otherwise - of our alumni. They are constantly referring to transformative experiences on Thrive as the inspiration behind some of their biggest decisions in life. I hope to welcome you and many more students to a semester on Thrive.

Rabbi Adi Isaacs

Meet Our Staff

Rabbi Adi Isaacs

Founder and Director

Rivkah Friedman

 Engagement Director at HU

Moshe & Zoe Knecht
Moshe & Zoe Knecht (AKA Mo & Zo)

Assistant Directors at Thrive HU 

Avi & Liya Lewis

Israel Advocates

Yoni & Ariella Denitz

Assistant Directors at Thrive TAU

chaya pic.jpg
Chaya Leybov

Administrative Director


The Executive Board

lance hirt.jpg
Lance Hirt

Partner, Lindsay Goldberg LLC

Hillel Davis
doni reich.jpg
Daniel Reich

COO, HGI Capital Management

Kim Hartman

Founder, KH Designs

Andrew Neff

COO, Fiveblocks

COO, HGI Capital Management

Alumni Board

Mack Radin

Harvard University

doni reich.jpg
Max August

Wharton School of Business

doni reich.jpg
Max August

Goldman Sachs

lance hirt.jpg
Molly Alstodt