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Machane Yehuda - The Jerusalem Shuk

Since the mid-1900’s Machane Yehuda has been Jerusalem's go-to marketplace. Machane Yehuda is the place to go to truly taste the authentic Israeli culture.

With over 200 vendors, there is never a shortage of Israeli classics, from traditional foods to souvenirs, the Shuk has it all. Here is a short list of some authentic Israeli products to buy when at the Shuk.


In order to achieve the unique flavor in Israeli and middle eastern foods the first thing that is needed is

the right spices. Pereg Spices, one of the leasing spice brands in Israel, can be found in Machane Yehuda and every Israeli home, including mine. Like many shops in the Shuk, Pereg Spices is a family-owned business that started in the early 1900s. With over 100 different spice blends, including all the classic Israeli spices, such as Zatar, and Sumac, Pereg is definitely the master when it comes to the perfect Israeli seasoning.


There is nothing that can

compare to the delicious gummy candies in the Shuk. With countless candies to choose from, like the sour gummy worms, or my personal favorite, the gummy strawberries, the candy at the Shuk is by far one of the best Israeli treats for both tourists and natives. Ami Haim Candies, another family business, was opened in 1986. Since then, they have continuously provided Israelis with the highest level of quality. For anyone with a sweet craving, Ami Haim Candies is the place to go.


This ancient dessert is still a classic in Israel and a must-try for anyone visiting. The layered pastry that originated from the Ottoman Empire can be found all over Machane Yehuda.

Places like Baklava Machane Yehuda and Kanfe Eir Dovid have mastered the art of Baklava. Typically filled with chopped nuts and topped with honey or syrup, there is nothing quite like this filo pastry dessert.

In addition to the incredible spices, the yummy candy, and the unique Baklava, the Shuk still has so much more to offer. From fresh produce, meats, and fish, to clothes and Jewelry, Machane Yehuda can provide everything one might need. Not only is it the Jerusalem marketplace, but it is also one of the spots to experience Jerusalem nightlife. Day turns to night at Machane Yehuda, the bars open and the music starts, not a typical club scene, but a truly authentic way to spend your night in Jerusalem.


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