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3 Study Abroad Programs to Add to Your Wishlist

Next time you are studying for an exam, close your eyes and imagine doing the same thing… but instead of your college dorm, city, or sleepy college town surroundings, you are gazing at the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, snacking on fluffy pita and fresh hummus as you study…Mmmm. Sounds like a nice dream, but a semester abroad or even a full degree in Israel is a real possibility that can jumpstart your academic goals. It may not even cost you an extra dime, aside from your regular tuition expenses! Tel Aviv University offers a number of versatile degree options, from a semester abroad to a prestigious dual degree in partnership with Columbia University that is sure to make your resume look intimidating.

(Wait a second… I know you’re probably asking: why should I study abroad? Well, you can read about the benefits of broadening your mind, experiencing culture, and opening access to the world at large…not to mention the competitive edge it gives you in the job market… check out our blog post here)

Here’s what you need to know about the Tel Aviv University programs:

International B.A. in Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is the standard bearer in undergraduate education because it gives you a multi-disciplinary approach to exploring “the foundations of humanity” while “nurturing future leaders and innovators.” The International Liberal Arts Program at TAU is 3 years and taught in English.

Requirements include:

  1. First and Second Years - You will choose a Major and Minor area of study, plus 2 additional tracks from the following disciplines: Digital Culture and Communication, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Life Sciences, Literature. Philosophy, Jewish and Israel Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Psychology. In addition, you’re required to take Core Curriculum classes to build your academic foundation, including designated courses in Politics, Philosophy, Critical Theory, Israeli History, History of Ideas, Western Literature, Modernity, and Academic Writing. You will be expected to declare your Major by the end of your first year.

  2. Third Year - In addition to continuing your coursework in your chosen tracks, you will also have seminar courses in your Major and Minor tracks delving further into your field of interest

Credit requirements for the International B.A, in Liberal Arts is 120. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Major Track - 36 credits

  2. Minor Track - 24 credits

  3. 2 Additional Basic Tracks - 18 each

TAU also encourages students to explore new languages via their Center for Language Excellence where they can take a wide range of language courses - up to a maximum of 8 credits - for free. The Hebrew language Ulpan, which is required, does not count towards your GPA.

Tuition is approximately $15,000 per year plus housing and incidentals.

Click here to learn more about it on the TAU site.

Dual Major - International B.A. in Management and Liberal Arts

For those who know they want to specialize in Business Administration, the dual major B.A. in Management and Liberal Arts is a great way to start. It is a 3 year program taught in English. This program offers specialized courses in Israeli and global entrepreneurship and innovation, “giving students a sound knowledge of management science and practice while also introducing disciplines in the humanities and social sciences through the core curriculum.”

  1. First year coursework focuses on the core curriculum which lays the “intellectual, theoretical, and practical foundations for both liberal arts and management.”

    1. Liberal Arts core course selection include Critical Theory, Political History of the Economy, What are the Humanities, Israeli Society, History, and Culture,

    2. Management core course selection includes Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Mathematics for Management, and Organizational Behavior.

  2. Second Year coursework goes beyond the core curriculum .

    1. The classes in management cover Business Law, Financial Accounting, and Principles of Marketing.

    2. The Liberal Arts coursework requires specializing in 2 tracks from the following list: 1) Digital Culture and Communication; 2) Modern Jewish and Israel Studies; 3) Middle Eastern Studies; 4) Psychology; 5) Literature; 6) Life Sciences; and 7) Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

  3. The final year

    1. Management courses focus on core areas to deepen expertise and broaden knowledge while taking electives in entrepreneurship and innovation

    2. Liberal Arts classes fill out requirements for your major and conclude with Senior Seminar and accompanying paper in order to graduate.

Credit Requirements

Liberal Arts Curriculum requires 60 credits

Management Curriculum requires 74 credits

Tuition is approximately $15,000 per year plus housing and incidentals

Click here to learn more about it on the TAU site.

Dual Degree Program - TAU and Columbia University

The Dual Degree Program started in 2019. It is only one of three transatlantic undergraduate degrees that Columbia University offers. It is a 4 year program, taught in English, that offers 2 B.A. Diplomas from 2 prestigious Universities. Living on campus in 2 separate countries over the 4 years broadens your global outlook while allowing you to develop enhanced language and communication skills.

  1. Years 1 and 2 are in Tel Aviv at TAU International Liberal Arts Program. Core Curriculum courses include Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Israeli History, History of Ideas, Western Literature, Modernity, and Writing. You will also choose from the following curriculum tracks: 1) Digital Culture and Communication; 2) Jewish and Israel Studies; 3) Literature; 4) Middle Eastern Studies; 5) Philosophy; 6) Psychology; 7) Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and 8) Life Sciences.

Credits Requirements at TAU are 80, of which 60 can be transferred to Columbia University toward your degree requirements.

  1. Years 3 and 4 are at Columbia University on its campus in New York City. You matriculate through the Columbia University School of General Studies where you will choose one of Columbia’s liberal arts majors and take core curriculum courses in literature, art, music, science, and the humanities.

Credit Requirements at Columbia University are 64, 40 of which can be transferred to TAU toward your degree requirements

The application process is through Columbia University and is due by Jan 2nd for Fall enrollment.

Tuition is separate for each institution:

  1. TAU years 1 & 2 - $15,000 plus housing and incidentals

  2. CU years 3 & 4 - tuition rate is per point and is $1,948 per point.

Click here to learn more about it on the TAU site

Semester or Year Long Study Abroad

Although not a specific Degree Program, TAU offers a Semester Abroad Program that allows you to transfer credits back to your home university towards your major and your degree. Course offerings are varied, incorporating Jewish Studies, Art Studies, Israel Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Psychology, Environment and Life Sciences, Business Management and Economics, International Relations and Communications, and Languages including Arabic and mandatory Hebrew Ulpan. Courses are all taught in English. Applications for Spring 2023 opens in July 2022 with a deadline of October 31, 2022.

Tuition Cost is $7,500/Semester and $12,000/year. With housing, Ulpan, and registration fee the total cost is $14,010/semester and $23,010/year.

Click here to learn more about it on the TAU site

These programs are all great, but maybe you are looking for something more? If you want an all-inclusive immersion and study abroad experience that includes trips, programming, and networking all semester long, be sure to check out our admissions page to find out if Thrive Study Abroad is right for you.


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