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  • Rena Zoldan

Nitzavim Fellows Brainstorming Session: How Students Will Change College Campuses

Nitzavim Fellows, funded by the 7 Schwartz Brothers Leadership Trust, attracts some of the most motivated and intelligent students currently attending their gap year in Israel. Next year, these students will be attending close to 30 universities across the US and UK, including Barnard, Brandeis, Cambridge, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown,

Harvard, Maryland, Michigan, NYU, Penn, Stanford, Washington U, and Yale.

Nitzavim Fellows students learn and discuss hot topics concerning Israel and Jewish life, and get the opportunity to meet with and learn from high-ranking Israeli politicians and educators.

This is an opportunity for these bright students to learn and absorb the values that they will need to become leaders and ambassadors for Israel and Judaism on their college campus next year.

However, Nitzavim doesn't stop with intellectual thought and debate; as part of the syllabus, students are required to creatively brainstorm and select ideas of how to take their newfound knowledge and impact other students back on campus.

Each student will create a semester-long project that will be implemented next year across their college campus, allowing them to reach and touch hundreds of thousands of students across the US.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to deliver a transformative Israel and Jewish experience, and it all begins with some creative brainstorming.

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