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5 Important Apps Everyone in Israel Should Have

Tips for helpful resources to help you navigate Israel in the palm of your hand.

By Ariella Furst

1. Moovit or Google Map

These apps will help you get from door to door with ease.  It will tell you how to get there by car, bus, train and walking or how much it will cost via taxi.  They also help track when the buses will arrive.

2. Duolingo

One of the most popular language learning apps that has every level.  It will teach you how to learn Hebrew in a free, fun and accessible way.

3. Google Translate

This app is frequently used by tourists and people who are learning Hebrew.  If you don’t understand a street sign, something that was said or something you read, just type it in and you will get an immediate translation in whatever language you choose.

4. Gett

Would you like to travel by taxi and only pay via credit card?  Use the Gett app to order a taxi with the click of a button.  Your cab will arrive within a few minutes and take you to your destination!

5. Whatsapp

Most Israelis use Whatsapp to communicate to individuals or groups of people.  It is also a great way to send free messages or to call others abroad for free, as long as you’re connected to Wifi or have a data plan.

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