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Spend The Semester Of A Lifetime In Israel

Study at one of our partner campuses

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Years of creating life-changing experiences for students


Thrive alumni who say studying in Israel was one of their best decisions


Success rate of converting students into lifelong hummus-lovers

Thrive offers unique opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Meet soldiers from all walks of Israeli life over a full weekend. Experience a lifelike simulation of the IDF’s rigorous boot camp training.

Explore Israel’s latest innovations and meet with CEOs of Wix, Lemonade, Fiverr, WeWork, and other top Israeli companies.

Gain insider knowledge of Israeli politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict through exclusive meetings with political journalists, human rights activists, and key figures.

So why do hundreds of students choose to study abroad in Israel?


Settle in Israel, explore the world

Israel is centrally located, just a short flight from all the popular cities on your bucket list.


A culture lover’s dream

Israeli life is unlike any other. Discover Israeli culture, meet locals, visit exotic markets, and eat delicious Mediterranean food.


A land as old as time

Connect with your nation’s rich heritage and history in a land that boasts many beautiful, ancient sites to visit.


Come, see, conquer

Make a difference with volunteer work and student activism that directly benefits disadvantaged locals.


The party that never ends

Experience “The Nonstop City,” and explore Tel Aviv’s world-renowned clubs, bars, and concerts.


Sunshine, with a side of hummus

 Israel’s warm climate makes for pleasant, sunny days spent hanging with friends in parks or laying on beautiful beaches.

Matt Weiss, UPenn alum, chose Israel over Barcelona. Here’s why.


Schedule a 15-minute call or drop us a line to explore this incredible opportunity.

Heard it through the grapevine

Meet Thrive.
Your Israel experience. But so much better.

Thrive offers students the unique opportunity to study abroad in an immersive, transformative Israeli experience. Our rich program is spread over 22 weeks, offering students a perfect balance of scheduled adventures and free time.

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Own your semester

Whatever you’re into, find it at Thrive. Be it business, startups, music, or art, we’ll connect you with the things that fire you up


Not your mom’s Birthright trip

Your semester abroad in Israel won’t be a glorified vacation. Settle in Israel for a semester, making it home in your heart forever, no matter where you live.


Birds of a feather

Connect with friends who become family for life. Spend a semester with like-minded individuals who are passionate about leadership, their Jewish identities, and making a difference.

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Come for the studies, stay for the adventure

More exciting experiences include:

  • Kibbutz adventure

  • Tzfat getaway

  • Jerusalem weekend

  • Delve into Israel’s Christian, Druze, Hareidi, and Palestinian populations

Don’t just visit Israel, live Israel.

Thrive students hail from far and wide

You gotta see it to believe it Check out Thrive in action


Schedule a 15-minute call or drop us a line to explore this incredible opportunity.

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